Posted by: Rael Kalley | January 28, 2017

390. If you start, finish. Simple.

I finally figured it out.

After years of trying to understand why some do and most don’t, it finally dawned on me. The age-old secret was finally revealed and, the simplicity of its truth makes perfect sense.

I have often wondered why, for so many of us, realizing our goals and sustaining the results often seems like an elusive dream.

Whenever we set out to achieve a new goal we do so brimming with enthusiasm and the feelings of certainty that we will soon be reaping the benefits and enjoying the rewards are goal accomplished.

And yet we don’t.

Time passes, a year goes by and then another and we are still walking around with that extra 20 pounds clinging to us, our finances still in disarray, our education still incomplete, the bad habits long intended to discard still clinging to us and the belief that this time, when we try again, it will be different.

It won’t. And the reason why we want is so glaringly obvious that it took me decades to figure it out.

The catalyst to this revelation was a conversation with a client who was telling me of a workmate who is constantly exploring new ways to get his ever-expanding girth under control.

His most recent foray into weight loss was to sign-up up with a new “revolutionary” clinic that recently opened a few blocks from their office.

His colleague enrolled in the program, paid his initiation fee of several hundred dollars, returned to the office confidently telling all that this time he was absolutely on the right track, only to discover a few short weeks later that this was “not for me.”

By my clients best guess this was his friend’s fifth such attempt over the past two years.

As I listened to his story, the light went on in my head and the secret was finally revealed.

Several times over these past few years we have discussed The Four Rules of Greatness.I first discovered these rules many years ago in a book whose title and author’s name I have long forgotten.

The author wrote of four unbending principles which, if followed relentlessly, would allow abundance to flow into all our lives.

The power behind these rules lies in their simplicity and my clients story caused the fourth rule to burst into my brain into my mind in giant letters.

So here it is, the great secret to why we seldom achieve the goals we set for ourselves and why, many of us, spend a large portion of our lives frustrated and with a growing sense of helplessness.

Are you ready?


Starting is, for many of us, something in which we have developed great expertise. But starting is the easy part. It doesn’t require much effort, discipline or sacrifice.

Nor does it do much by way of producing results.

We start a business, things get tough, we head for the hills. We set out to lose weight, someone brings a pizza to the office, we gag it back and resolve to start again next week. We commit to getting up early and working out before we head off to work, the alarm goes off, we are tired and so we turn over and go back to sleep

There you have it, the secret is out.

If you really want it, you will stick with it. If you don’t, you don’t want it badly enough

Finish what you start. That has to be easier than starting over, and over and over again.

Till we read again.


  1. Love it, and it is so true!!! I think it also applies to setting goals that need to be realistic! Losing 20 pounds once you stick to plan is quite easy, keeping it off is the hard part! Staring a business is easy, keeping it profitable is the hard part!

    I just found one typo (darn autocorrect)

    It won’t. And the reason why we –> want is so glaringly obvious that it took me decades to figure it out.

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